About Us

Shenzhen Starpery Technology Co.,. Ltd. is the Staring doll factory's subcompany.  Mr. Zhou L.H. is our boss of two companies, and at same time he is an excellent sculptor. If you look at details of our dolls, you can find this point.

Starpery's mission is to improve the doll reality, visual and use experiences, and intelligentize her. Meanwhile, we strive to decrease thes costs of realistic dolls so that more people can afford the silicone doll prices. Plus we honestly wish people can enjoy the companionships and joys that Starpery dolls can possibly bring about.

So far Starpery is focusing on overseas market . and we hope more and more friends around world like our dolls, and join in us if possible to fulfill our dream: Serve and help all humankind!

About us

In the past 5000years of human history, there are many voilence, poverty and diseases. In the past 100years, human has a fast development on population, science in a relatively peace. But due to the resource shortage at the earth, we can see some wars still. In future 100years, we hope every human will recognize ourself are the same and unique huamn being species, all earth human being will live together and at peace to strive for our same destiny.

Shenzhen Starpery Technology Co., Ltd. stands for stars and Apery, which means we will use apery technology to help human being to the stars in the Galaxy. In other words, there is no war, or fight among human beings, the remote stars is the final target of all earth species. In shortly, "our conquest is the stars and galaxy ocean".

In future 10years, we will make the most realistic silicone dolls for the world, like the textured skin, smart technology by AI. 
What's more, the walking and talking. We will research, and develop apery technology to help more and more people who work in dangerous, or extrem teamperature, and others. We believe it can help human being to reduce the conflict.

Okay, here is our product evalution road map, and we need every one with dream comes and joins in us.

In 2020, we will make the textured skin for silicone dolls, and new finger bonds, and more apery features.
In 2021, we will have the talking dolls, she or he can accompany those old people who might suicide becasue of loneliness.
In 2023, The first apery walking doll will be born, people can walk with her, and talk with her.
In 2025, we will have the first one smart apery robot, and he or she can do more serivce for unable people.
In 2030, She will protect people from dangerous jobs, or envirnoments. She also can do homework for people.

In coming 10years, Starpery will focus on our mission that: Serve and help all humankind!

Here we write our dream, and hope the dream can contact our each other.

Starpery Tech CEO: Evan Lee
Mar. 18th, 2020