Starpery AI Doll

AI intelligent Function plays a big role in Doll Use. At present, Starpery provides Moaning, Heating and Clamp&Suction three intelligent functions:

  1. Moaning Function

      5 points touch moaning system—— There are 5 touch sensors inside the body: Breast parts, Thigh parts and upper vagina part(as the picture shows) and a wireless bluetooth sounder.

      Instruction: Take out the sounder module; Press and hold the on/off button for about 3-5 seconds to turn it on; Touch those parts, you will find there starts moaning and the sounder flashes red light, which indicates that it is working;

      After use, pess and hold the button for about 3-5 seconds to turn it off. (Operation video




  2. Heating Function

      Starpery Heating system 3.0 is launched out in 2023, using the Graphene material to achieve body rapid heating in 30 minutes, and when the temperature reaches the upper limit value, the power will be automatically cut off.

      Heating 3.0 is much more efficient and safer.

      And equipped with an exclusive app to observe the heating process in real time (APP only support Android system to download at present)

      Instruction: Find the power cable in the doll package, and insert the jack into the connection port on the doll back, then it starts heating. It is recommended to cut off the power after heating for 30-45 minutes.

      Also,please remember to use a blanket to cover the doll to keep it heated and warm. (Operation video



  3. Clamp&Suction Function

      The 2nd Generation Clamping&Suction is also launched out in 2023, more effective and more durable than 1st Generation,not easily damaged.

      Instruction: Take out the pink device in the package, and use the tube to connect the body and the device. Press and hold the button for about 3-5 seconds to turn it on/off, and there are three modes you can choose. 

      If you find the force is too low, it's because the device is out of charge, please charge the device. Get more from the Operation video.