Starpery heating 3.0 adjustment and use instruction

Starpery heating 3.0 adjustment and use instruction
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Starpery heating 3.0 adjustment and use instruction

Starpery Heating 3.0 System


In order to provide better experience for our customers, Starpery spent nearly one year developing heating system, finally in January 2023, we launched out the Heating 3.0 system.

Summarizing the shortcomings of the heating 1.0 and heating 2.0 system, Starpery choose the new heating material - graphene to achieve efficient heating. Also, Starpery have also developed an exclusive app to monitor the temperature change in real time (only available on Android system), which makes heating more intelligent.

After the official release, many customers chose the heating system 3.0 and gave us timely feedback to make adjustments.Some customers asked about some questions, and we found some problems with TPE dolls after heating. So there is an adjustment notice and use instruction for you all.

Non-heating state, because the location of the temperature probe in each area is different, the detected temperature will be different


  • Adjustment Notice


As we introduced before(click here to learn more), new heating system, there are 11 areas on the body used different power to heat different parts, and embed a CPU with 10 temperature sensors to detect the temperature and power off automatically once the temperature reached the limit.


      What happened with the TPE heating dolls?


In the past weeks, 5 customers owned TPE doll with heating 3.0, contacted us and sent their doll’s pictures then we found all the butt are damaged after heating.


Based on the user's use behavior and the factory's inspection reports: due to the long heating time (1-2 hours), the butt of TPE body has been in a constant temperature state after heating to the limit temperature. Sufficient heat and the doll’s weight on the butt cause the butt to collapse and damage. Therefore, we decided to remove the heating pieces from the butt area to protect the doll from damaged.


So from now on, there will be 9 heating areas on the body ( breasts, belly, thighs, vagina, calves and back). 


  • Use Instruction


Correct use is also very important, the following are our instructions for use, please read carefully before using the heating system!!!


  1. Accessories of the heating function


When you receive your doll package and unboxing it, you will find there are some accessories inside the box. Please take out the black power cord, and use it to connect the doll back jack. The heating hole of the doll is located on the back of the body neck. Considering that different countries use different plugs, Starpery also equip with corresponding plugs before shipment.




  1. How to use heating function


Firstly, connect the doll’s neck with the power cord to start heating, then cover the doll with a blanket and keep heat for about 30 minutes, then you will find the body is warm enough. Turn off the power and unplug it, you can hug your warm doll.


In the design of the new heating system, we set a temperature limit value by default (the optimal temperature we set at 40°), generally after half an hour of heating, the temperature will reach the upper limit, and the CPU will automatically turn off the heating power (as shown in the figure below) to protect the doll and reach a constant temperature state. If your phone is Android system, there is an exclusive app for you to detect the doll heating and observe the whole heating process and temperature data. Also, you can adjust the temperature upper limits (Swipe right to the last page and adjust the upper temperature limit value at the corresponding line location) when you find the doll isn’t warm, but please attention high temperature will affect TPE body even make it damaged. At present, the app for IOS system isn’t ready, because of different limitations, we still need more time to design it.

Heating state ——Each part will be displayed as heating up, and once the temperature reaches the limit value, the heating will automatically stop and a white finish pattern will be displayed.

There is a detailed video to show you how to correctly use the heating system:


  1. Additional considerations


* Starpery doesn’t suggest heating the doll when doing sex;

* When not using the heating system, please unplug it;

* When washing the doll, be careful not to let water get into the neck hole.

* When removing the power cord, please be careful not to unplug it hard. Press the interface and remove the black power cord to better protect the internal cord.


If you have received your TPE doll with heating function, please note not to heat for a long time (It is recommended that the heating time be controlled within half an hour), when you feel the heat, then stop heating.


Any questions please contact us at first.


Starpery Team

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