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Hi all Starpery doll fans,

Recently some guys email
ed us that they were cheated by some illegal doll sites. Some of them received the fake and ugly dolls; Some other guys even lost their money while nothing was sent to them.

To protect our doll fans' interests,  Starpery tried many times to warn these illegal doll sites to remove all unauthorized products and images, however most of them just keep being silent. So we have to expose them here. Below sites are selling FAKE DOLLS, DO NOT BUY! (hjdoll and jpdoll are not STARPERY Resellers)

As of now, we only found these cheater sites. We would appreciate it very much if you find more illegal websites which are selling Starpery dolls, please contact us: , we will provide a gift as return if you like.


Authorized Starpery Doll Vendors

Honestly we wish our doll customers and lovers can choose one of our vendors listed on the page in starpery official. Check all our vendors thru this link: ( Plus, you can contact us to verify a site when you are not sure.


A Special Notice for Korean Doll Lovers

Our exclusive agent in Korea is Mydoll( hgdoll and jpdoll are NOT our vendors. More details please read this statement: 
If you are in Korea and want to buy starpery dolls, please contact Mydoll, and place orders with them, they can deal with the customs clearance legally and decently. 
Any questions, please contact us, we are always here for you~
Finally we have to tell our doll fans, there are 4 golden methods to tell if a website is legit or not.
1: Price range. (Don’t buy dolls from the website with a price unreasonably low)
2: Consult our listed vendors possibly 
3: Write emails to us
4: Visit our ambassador’s local showroom
Best Regards!
Starpery Team

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