Rozanne Factory Images

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Rozanne Factory Images

Rozanne Factory Images


Hello dear friends! Factory pictures share time. Today it’s our beauty Rozanne: Rozanne was born in April, 2022, and quickly became the favorite of many fans.


“Does Rozanne really look same with Starpery promo pictures?” “How does this perfect sweetie look in factory?” “Is there any other style Rozanne?”……


Cut to the chase, let’s start looking at Rozanne’s different pictures:

  1. Rozanne with implanted human hair:


  1. Rozanne with implanted synthetic hair:



  1. Rozanne with wigs:


There are not only the pictures of the default makeup, but also some special makeup look:



If you are struggling with the doll hair selection, hope those factory pics can help you make a decision. Meanwhile, if you want to custom the head makeup, please contact us and provide the pictures and request, we will reply to you soon and give a quotation. 

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