Starpery Anti-Fake System

Starpery Anti-Fake System
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Starpery Anti-Fake System

Hello all fans, in the past period of time, some kind fans emailed to us and feedback that some damn stores stealing Starpery doll pictures to deceive our customers and sell fake dolls. In order to help customers protect their interests and resist fake dolls, we have prepared our Anti-fake system.


Starting from Oct.11th, the anti-fake code card will be put inside the accessory bag, when you receive your package, take it out and scratch the code cover to find the code, verify it on our website:


Here is an explanation of the anti-fake code:

    1. 1. Each anti-fake code will be activated by default after the first verification


    1. 2. Each anti-fake code is valid for 6 months after activation;


    1. 3. You have three times to check the anti-fake code legal or not;


    1. 4. If the code is correct, then there will note: “Congratulations! Your Starpery doll is original.”   


    1. 5. If the code is wrong, then there will note: “Sorry, this code is illegal, you might get a fake doll.”


  1. 6. If you have checked it more than three times or the code expired, there will note: “Your code has expired, or checked over 3times, pls for new checking”


Use process demonstration:

      1. 1. find the anti-fake code card from the accessory bag:



      1. 2. Scratch the code cover and input the code you get in our website to check:



      1. 3. Input the correct/wrong/expired code in the system, there shows:



If you didn’t find your anti-fake code in the package, do not to worry, contact your vendor or us, we will check and help confirmation. Also, if your code shows fake, please contact us to check again. If you really bought a fake doll, Starpery will try our best to help you get a refund.

At the end, buy your Starpery doll from legal resellers or directly from Starpery official website. There is the site of our legal resellers, kindly check: Starpery have showrooms spread across some countries, check our showroom online and make an appointment with us if you want to visit.