Starpery Option Explanation

Starpery Option Explanation
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Starpery Option Explanation

Starpery Doll Option Introduction


 1. Material

 2. Skin tone

 3. Head

 4. Head type

 5. Hair type

 6. Eye color

 7. Eye type

 8. Face realism

 9. Breast type

10. Vagina type

11. Body realism

12. Skeleton

13. Finger choice

14. Intellectualized

15. Pubic hair

16. Nail color

17. Weight reduction

18. Extra head

(Notes: Not all options are listed in doll buying pages, if you have extra/special requests, kindly contact us)


   1. Material: (Starpery only provides silicone head)

l: Hybrid doll—— TPE body and silicone head

Pros: silicone head offers great realism, TPE body is soft, flexible and cheap;

Cons: Not as sturdy as Silicone doll, its lifespan is shorter(1-3Y) and poorer body realism.


ll: Full silicone doll—— Silicone body and silicone head

Pros: Silicone doll is more realistic and durable, has long lifespan(3-10Y) and excellent high temperature&pressure resistance;

Cons: Silicone is expensive, and a little poorer with softness.


If you are concerned about the softness, we suggest you to choose TPE, while if you are highly demanded in look/realism, silicone is the better choice. Here is the body comparison picture of 165 D doll, welcome have a look:


   2. Skin tone:

There are four skin tones: light tan, wheat, tan, and black (will update soon).

l:Light tan, the lightest/natural skin of Starpery, for example: 172 Rozanne;

ll:Wheat, the popular skin, for example: 165 Natalia;

lll:Tan, a bit darker than wheat, for example: 161 Ursula;

IV:Black, starpery new skin color, will be available since December, also the new Black sex dolls are on the way.


   3. Head:

You can choose same as doll picture, or switch to another head, contact us or leave a note about the head you select.

Starpery provides different styles heads now: Asian head, Caucasian head, black head, lovely young head, mature head, all of them are beautiful and unique. You can get all heads from the Home Page.


   4. Head type:

There are three types:

l:Hard silicone head (default) more detailed and realistic, can implant hair, and make different hairstyle you like;

ll:Soft silicone head (a small tunnel support oral sex) a little less realism than hard head, but still look awesome. Soft head also can implant hair, but it’s not recommended, will lose hair easily and be ugly.

lll:ROS head (an upgraded soft head, has fixed tongue, teeth and movable jaw, a bigger oral capacity, extra cost) Starpery now only has a few ROS heads: Hedy, Rozanne, Lidiya, Lia, Saner.


   5. Hair type:

l:Wig, default option, no extra cost. Extra wig is 15usd for each.


ll:Implanted synthetic hair, extra cost, but affordable, we recommend synthetic hair implanted to add the doll’s beauty.

     There are several hair colors to choose:


lll:Implanted human hair, extra cost and expensive.

     There are several hair colors to choose:

   6. Eye color:

There are 3 colors at present: blue, green and brown.

   7. Eye type:

l:Full ball movable eyes: easily adjust the doll eyes to make doll vividly.

ll:Full ball movable eyes with veins: more detailed than movable eyes, also a good choice.

   8. Face realism:

l:Default, same as picture (Free). Each Starpery heads are with fixed face makeup. If you don’t want freckles/moles or eyeliner, please contact us.

ll:Customize makeup (extra cost). If you don’t like the makeup of the original heads, please send your requests to us, then we will confirm whether we can make and its specific fee.


   9. Breast type:

l:Solid breast (default option, free). Not recommended.

ll:Gel breast (free) Recommended option, better feel.


   10. Vagina type:

l:Fixed vagina.

ll:Removable vagina. (If you choose silicone doll, we don’t recommend removable vagina, which will easily make the vagina damaged when putting in the insert or take it out)

Notes: When your doll is with removable vagina, Starpery worker always put the insert inside the body before shipping. Also, please remember to use enough lubricant to lubricate your hands before handling the insert to avoid vagina cracking.


   11. Body realism:

l:Default, same as picture (free). This option includes body texture, veins, freckles, moles and bikini lines. Normally if you choose this option, we will do body painting same as promo picture doll details. If you want to add more, please contact us and let us know your requests.

ll:Special custom body painting (extra cost) If you want to add some special tattoos, please send the reference pictures to us and we will confirm whether we can make them and the specific cost.


   12. Skeleton:

Starpery use the gear skeleton in production, which is developed and designed by ourselves, better than EVO skeleton, more flexible and durable.

l:Standing feet and shrugged shoulder (default, free);

ll:No standing feet and shrugged shoulder (free);

lll:Hard feet and shrugged shoulder (only for silicone doll, no bolts under the feet, extra cost)


   13. Finger choice:

l:Default, copper wire palm. (free) It’s not as flexible as articulated fingers, can’t hold things.

ll:Articulated fingers (extra cost) finger bone 2.0 released in 2022, better to prevent piercing fingers. can pose and hold things.


   14. Intellectualized: (more function details please read this link

l: No, thanks —— don’t add any upgraded functions;

ll:Moaning function (extra cost) Five points touching moaning.

lll:Heating system (extra cost) Starpery heating 3.0 is released this year, and achieve better rapid and effective heating.

lV:Clamping&Suction Function (extra cost) Clamping&Suction 2.0 is released this year, only support silicone doll.


   15. Pubic hair:

l:No, thanks —— no need to add pubic hair.

ll:Implanted pubic hair (extra cost) There are three colors of pubic hair: brown, black and ginger red. Implanted pubic hair isn’t sturdy, will fall off when touching or pulling them.

lll:Pubic hair paster (extra cost), there are two colors of pubic hair paster: brown and black. It’s glued on body and once removed, there will make the body damged.


   16. Nail color:

There are several nail colors to choose: Black, Dark Green, French, Natural, Orange and Red. You can select the one you like.


   17. Weight reduction

l:Default, weight reduction (free) Starpery make dolls with WR by default, and both TPE and silicone dolls are available. ( weight reduction tech will reduce doll weight 5-10kg)

ll:No weight reduction (extra cost)


   18. Extra head:

If you want to select more heads, you can leave the head names there, each head cost is 500usd.