Starpery ROS Heads Updated

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Starpery ROS Heads Updated

Starpery ROS Heads Updated


Hello all, Happy New Year! After getting the requirements from lots of fans for ROS heads, Starpery prioritized the mold-make of several heads: Saner, Lia, Ursula, Amy(normal size), Natalia, Freya. Now they are all available, welcome you to have a look! (P.S. The image has been compressed and may be somewhat blurry.)

1. Saner ROS Version

2. Lia ROS Version

3. Amy ROS Version (normal size head)

4. Ursula ROS Version

5. Natalia ROS Version

6. Freya ROS Version


At present, there are Nine ROS heads to choose: Hedy, Rozanne, Lidiya, Saner, Lia, Amy, Ursula, Natalia, Freya. If you have any other heads want us to make ROS version, please contact us!

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