Starpery silicone hard head and soft head comparison

Starpery silicone hard head and soft head comparison
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Starpery silicone hard head and soft head comparison

silicone hard head and soft head comparison

Hi folks, in the past years, Starpery launched out many heads in different characteristics and ethnicities, all of them are realistic, full-detailed and unique. Additionally, Starpery has two versions of head: hard head and soft head. And more and more fans contact us and have questions about them. Today, we will introduce the hard head and soft head here:

  1. Starpery hard head and soft head differences.

All Starpery heads are made of silicone material, and no matter the hard head or soft head, they are both with detailed face realism: face texture, eyeshadow, eyeliners, freckles, lipstick and implanted eyebrows/eyelashes. Hard head can do implanted hair, while soft head only supports wigs. Soft head has oral function, and the oral hole is about 2cm width, and 13cm length, while hard head doesn’t support. Meanwhile, because of the softer material, soft head will release more oil than hard head.

  1. Are starpery hard head and soft head look different?

Most fans are curious about this question: Are Starpery hard head and soft head look different? Our answer is NO! The appearance of these two kinds of heads are similar. Here attached our beautiful Rong and Natalia pictures, could you guess which one is hard head and which one is soft head?

Ok, hard to tell, both the left hand is hard, and right is soft. Also, there is a video to show our hard head and soft head:

  1. Are starpery soft head is as durable as hard head?

Many fans emailed us that they are afraid if they choose soft head, the makeup will fade away soon, and head will get broken easily. As soon as you maintain and clean the head following our suggestions, soft head’s lifespan is same with hard one. Although soft head will release more oil than hard head, but it doesn’t affect the face realism, we just need to powder the head often to move the oil and keep it dry. BUT attention, you need to be careful about the strength when using a soft head, otherwise the corners of the mouth will crack easily. One tip: use some lubricating oil to help insert your cock into the oral.

  1. The advantage of the hard head and the soft head.

Both hard head and soft head are good, depending on your choice.
If you want your doll with implanted hair, please choose hard head, which makes the doll looks really like a human being (Here is the video showed how to comb doll’s hair correctly ).
If you want to use oral function, please choose the soft head, taking some good wigs also can make her look well, Starpery also launches new wigs option to select.

  1. Does soft head can do implanted hair like the hard head?

Actually, our soft head can do implanted hair, but we don’t suggest, hair will easily fall off when combing the head, then it will become bald and ugly. At present, there only Hedy and Rozanne head molds can do implanted hair, their head top is hard, and rest parts are soft, with oral function. If you need, please leave notes when placing your orders.
Lastly, we received many messages from our dear fans: when your new soft head with fixed tongue and movable jaw can be out? We are really appreciated that you are so kind and patient to wait us. Because of the cold winter, Starpery suspended improving the new head in the past months, but pay more attention to development of new heating system. BUT please don’t worry, we have informed our factory to continue to develop the new head, solve the problem of the mouth corner cracking, and bring better works to everyone.
What’s more, Starpery New Intelligent moaning system is also being developed, so stay tuned!

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