Starpery Unboxing Video

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Starpery Unboxing Video

Starpery Unboxing Video


When we receive our doll package, what should we do? How to take the doll out in a proper way? Today Starpery makes a video for all customers, welcome you have a look: 

Once the package is arrived at our house, we need to check carefully its package surface whether there is broken part or not; If possible, we recommend to record the whole unboxing process. 


Firstly, use the tool(scissors) to open the box and remove the protective layer, you can find the doll covered by a blanket, open the blanket, make a preliminary inspection to see if there is any damage on the body. Then lift the doll legs and arms up, sit the doll and carry her out. We do not recommend taking the doll out directly without those steps mentioned above, as this may cause the doll to fall or hurt yourself.


Before shipping out, our factory will carefully pack and protect dolls' hands and feet. After taking the doll out of carton, we need to remove the protective covers, and carefully check if they are in good status. Also do not forget the vagina&ass and breast parts.


Then the last step is to inspect the doll head. Starpery workers use a protective cover to pack the head, open the head bag and take it out, check the head hair/eyebrows/eyes/eye corners/mouth and the bottom part. Choose one push-fit bolt from accessories bag, and screw it in the neck then align the bottom of the head with the hole, then your girl is done.


If any damage is found during the inspection, please remember to take the pictures and videos then contact us and your vendor as soon as possible, we will reply within 24 hours and provide a solution for you.




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