How to choose your first sex doll

How to choose your first sex doll
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How to choose your first sex doll

How To Choose Your First Sex Doll


One day, you accidentally typed “Sex Doll” on Google (or other dramatic methods) and found an amazing world, you can’t help scrolling and looking through more pictures then you are long for buying your first sex doll. BUT as a newbie, you must have a question: How to choose your first sex doll ?

Since there are so many choices in the sex doll collections, it is hard to know where to start, how to select from different sites and brands. Please spend several minutes reading the below, you will get useful tips to help make decisions. Here are several factors that you may need to consider about:


1. Your budget

The price of sex dolls ranges from a few hundred dollars to thousand dollars, but the quality varies greatly. For example, if you spend about 700usd to buy a sex doll, after receiving the package, you will find the doll doesn’t look same as her promo pictures, smelly and poor quality. What’s more, those manufacturers use low-quality material to produce dolls and it’s difficult to ensure the product safety, those low-priced dolls may be harmful to your health.


Starpery is the famous brand in sex doll industry, providing high quality doll, exquisite craftsmanship, new technology, affordable price and reliable service. Starpery provides Hybrid sex doll (TPE body and silicone head) and Full silicone sex doll. Silicone head is more refined and realistic, although its cost is higher than TPE head, Starpery hybrid sex doll price isn’t more expensive than other Full TPE dolls. If you have a limited budget and want to buy a beautiful and high-quality sex doll, Starpery must be your first and best choice. No matter the custom doll or the stock doll, both price is good. Starpery have prepared stocks in US and EU, you can visit this page to check all stock dolls and select what you want. All Stocks dolls have high configurations and lower price, you can get the doll faster once finishing payment.  


2. Your understanding of sex dolls

As a newbie, you will look through quite lots of sites to obtain the sex doll-related news, such as the doll forum (TDF), doll vendors’ sites and some social media…

  • What is the main use of sex dolls for you?

To get companionship? To get better sex experience, or soothe emotional trauma? The use of the sex doll also decides what kind of sex dolls you want to have. For example, someone are photographers, so buying sex dolls is to help them create art and take some gorgeous pictures; Someone have serious social anxiety disorder, it’s really difficult for them to go out to make friends, so getting sex dolls will improve their life, bring them enough companionships and happiness…


  • How to keep your sex dolls?

Master some basic doll care knowledge then you can make up your mind to get your first sex doll. Different material dolls need different care, but the most critical things are correct use and careful maintenance. If you want a long-term companionship, you need to get enough space and time to keep your sex doll… Starpery also have prepared a detailed instruction to help our fans to use and maintain their dolls correctly, when you receive your Starpery doll package, take the instruction out from the accessory bag, read carefully before use.


Long articles or topics may make you confused and entangled. There is a direct and effective way to buy your first sex doll: consult Starpery customer service (email at or WhatsApp online service: +8613479657418), share your doubts with us, then we will give you a detailed answer and suitable recommendations.


3. Sex doll materials and Sex doll size

1) Sex Doll Material Selection: There are two main materials of sex dolls——TPE and Silicone. Due to their costs and quality, there are many differences between them.

TPE is a hybrid material with high elasticity and great softness. Most doll lovers prefer to TPE doll, not only for its more affordable price, but also for its more realistic touch and better sexual experience. If you have higher requirements for softness, TPE is the better choice for you.

Silicone is a stable material, with high pressure resistance and high heat resistance. Starpery also utilizes platinum for better structure. Although silicone’s softness isn’t as good as TPE’s, but its lifespan and realism are better. Randomly choosing a silicone sex doll, you will surprisingly realize that she looks like a real human. Plus, we have been improving the combination between softness and durability of silicone doll, in near future we will finish this challenging work properly.

        Silicone VS TPE Dolls: Advantages & Disadvantages





1. Cheaper and more affordable;

2. Great softness and better sexual experience;

3. More flexible.


1. Shorter lifespan(1-5 Years);

2. Poorer pressure resistance;

3. Poorer high- temperature resistance;

4. Easier to be dyed;

5. Poorer realism.


1. Hyper-realism, life-like appearances;

2. More Sturdy and longer lifespan(3-10 Years);

3. Easier to maintain;

4. Excellent pressure resistance and higher temperature resistance;

5. The perfect photogenic one.

1. More expensive;

2.  Slightly poorer softness than TPE.



2)Sex Doll Size: Starpery creates dolls strictly according to ergonomics, with life-like proportions and exquisite head sculpt. There are various types and sizes: BBW Chubby Sex Doll, Petite Sex Doll, Male Sex Doll, Asian Sex Doll, Mature Sex Doll and Sex Doll Torso. When choosing a suitable sex doll, you should pay attention to sex doll’s weight and height at first. Find a doll with the perfect height and weight, then you can select your favorite heads to match that body! Except for a few BBW bodies and a Petite body, most heads and bodies can be matched as desired. If you are not sure about your decision, contact us to have a look at the factory images at first. Someone are desired to get a BBW doll for a long time, and Starpery help them to achieve their dreams: unique design, real figure and affordable weight.

Such as Starpery 161cm H cup Ursula, this is one of our popular BBW dolls, without weight reduction, her weight is about 72kg, such a crazy number and it’s also difficult to ship out. With Starpery weight reduction tech, this BBW sex doll is only 52kg, 20kg less. In August, Starpery launched out a new short sex doll: 148cm Zoey, which is favored by lots of doll-lovers. With big boobs, round ass, amazing LHP and a really good weight: 33kg (the whole doll weight after weight reduction 3.0)

Why weight reduction is so important? With Starpery weight reduction tech, one doll weight can be reduced 5-10kg. Much easier to move the doll around your house, to take a wash together, to go travelling, and to store the doll: use the hook set we prepared for you to hang up the doll for a short while in your wardrobe (Check the load-bearing capacity of your wardrobe stand before doing it). By the end of 2023, Starpery will launch out WR 4.0, bring lighter, softer, better sexual experience dolls to everybody, stay tuned!


4. Sex doll options

Once you have confirmed which doll to choose, it’s time to customize your unique love doll. There are several options to select: Hair, Eyes, Breast, Skeleton, Vagina, Finger type, Upgraded Functions… Please click here to get more option details.


In the end, choosing a suitable sex doll isn’t a difficult task as long as you are well prepared. You can contact us when you have any questions. Starpery always wish our customers can get more happiness and companion from their Starpery girls. Enjoy your doll journey!


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