Starpery Doll Use Tips

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Starpery Doll Use Tips

If you are a newbie to sex doll and your first Starpery doll is on its way to your home, you will be so excited and may have some questions, don’t know how to start, here are some good tips for you to use your Starpery doll.


  1. When you get the call from the express courier and your package will be delivered within several hours, what should you do?


You need to know there is a large carton and if your home is on a high floor without the elevator, please ask the courier to help carry the carton together to your door to better protect the doll and your back from damage and hurt during the process. Starpery recommend that you can buy a flatbed trolley to facilitate transporting cartons.

No matter you sign for the package in person or not, please be sure to carefully check your package at the first time. Once you find that the doll package is seriously damaged, please contact the corresponding shipping company immediately, file a complaint and open the case, in the meantime, don’t forget to contact us and your vendor, send the damaged parts pictures and videos to us, we will help and solve the problems as soon as possible!

If the outside pacakge looks good, the next step is to open the package and take the doll out. Have a browse on this page to easily carry your doll out!

Check all things you bought carefully, if there is anything not inside the package, contact us and your vendor to reflect the missing items, we will check and resend to you asap!


  1. When you take your doll out and put her on your bed, what should you do then?


After a long time transportation, your doll finally arrived at your home. After unboxing and taking her out, there you find your sex doll oily, which is normal, and don’t worry, just wash her before your first sweet happy night.

About the doll cleaning, we always suggest customers to use the clean water to wash her, carefully do not let the water get into the doll neck, which will cause the skeleton get rusted, and affect doll’s lifespan. There is a doll cleaner inside the package for you to daily clean your doll’s vagina/anus canals. In addition, after every washing, please dry the doll immediately, especially the two canals, to avoid the growth of bacteria. After drying the doll, powder the whole body and you can have a great time with your girls!

Also, there are some customers asking for shower gel recommendation, because we don’t know whether the ingredients of the shower gel will affect or destroy the doll or body paintings, we always recommend customers to use clean water. If you still want to use the shower gel to wash your doll, you can leave a note when you place the order with us or your vendors to request adding an extra silicone/TPE sample with realistic painting for you, then you can take a test before washing your doll with those shower gel.


  1. How to correctly fix the head into the body, and what should you do?


Open the box, you will find the doll head and body are placed separately, and how to fix the head into the body? Find the head push-fit adapters in the accessory bag, there are two kinds of adapters: screw-in type and push-in type. Choose the one you like, and put the adapter inside the neck hole/head bottom hole and follow this video to fix doll head into the body:


Important! Please double-check the head is fully inserted into the doll neck hole, then you can move your doll around the house, otherwise it will easily get out of the neck and cause damages.


  1. How to take care of the doll's hair?


Hair care is a big headache for most guys, but with the following points in mind, it's not a problem at all :D

Point 1. Brush the doll hair: Get the head out from the head bag, and take off her hair tie. Always Starpery head will come with a good hairstyle, and if it’s not very messy, it doesn’t need to brush them. If it’s messy, get the comb we prepared for you from the accessory bag. Firstly divide her hair into several sections instead of combing it all, hold the middle part of the hair, then gently and slowly brush them to avoid lots of hair falling off. Brush the hair part by part, it will become neat and smooth. (Video attached)

Point 2. Wash the doll hair: We do not recommend using shampoo for the doll hair daily cleaning, as it will make the hair frizzier and more difficult to take care of. The hair conditioner is the better choice :D. Add some hair conditioner into the clean water then mix them thoroughly, get the hair wet and add some conditioner again on the hair to smooth them. After cleaning them totally, use the clean water to wash the hair again. Then use the towel to wipe the water from the hair, and blow dry with a hair dryer.

* Please be careful not to get the conditioner on the head scalp area to avoid hair loss, and be sure to blow-dry your doll hair thoroughly.

Point 3. Make some simple hairstyles: If you always keep your sex doll’s hair down, it will easily become messy and you need to spend much time combing them. So it’s better to make some simple hairstyles to tie the hair up, and it won’t get all over the doll body and your home (Doing house-cleaning is also a big job LOL)

Now follow this video to get some simple hairstyles for your lovers:

Moreover, if you choose the soft head with implanted hair, please be gentler to take care of the doll hair!!


  1. How to correctly move the doll eyeballs? Can I replace the eyes?


Full movable eye is a good option to add on your first sex doll, you can move and adjust her eyes according to different postures and make your doll look more vivid. But how to correctly move her eyes?

Firstly, we need to know the structure of a doll eyeball, why it can be moved? There is a spring placed inside the eyeball, gently press it, we can easily move the eyes to any directions. If you accidentally turn the eye to another angle and cannot turn it back, please take a small pair of scissors or tweezers, gently press on the white area of the eye, and slowly move it back to the correct position. Have a look at this video:

We do not recommend customer to change eyes by themselves. Starpery only makes silicone heads, and silicone head isn’t as soft as TPE head. If you are not an old hand, changing silicone head eyes is much more difficult and will easily get the eye corners cracked.


  1. How to correctly move and pose your doll? And what is the Starpery Skeleton?


Before moving and posing your sex doll, you need to learn the whole doll skeleton joints and it will be much easier for you to move your doll and better to prevent from damaging your dolls. Find the doll instruction from the package, and there is a very detailed description, including the skeleton structure, doll use suggestions and Starpery after-sales regulations.

Starpery skeleton is the gear skeleton, launched out in 2021, designed and developed by ourselves. Compared with the traditional EVO skeleton, gear skeleton is quite more flexible, more durable and less cracked noise.  


  1. What kinds of clothes should you choose for your sex doll?


Firstly, confirm your doll’s size then choose the clothes based on the size. There is the Starpery doll data table for you to check:

Secondly, choose the light color outfits for your dolls, dark color will easily stain the body, especially the TPE dolls. If you really like those dark clothes, remember to clean the clothes first and dry/powder the whole body, then put on dark clothes and take them off as soon as possible!


  1. How to change the doll nails?


If your doll's nails fall off or you want to replace the nails, how to correctly operate it? Firstly carefully remove the doll's original nails from her fingers/toes, and simply clean the bare nail areas to make them clean and dry. Select the correct size nails and apply the glue on the bare nail area(please note that use a thin and even layer glue on them to avoid glue spillage affecting the beauty of doll nails); hold and slightly press the nails for 5-10 secs to allow the glue to fully adhere to the nails.

If you need different color nails, contact us when you buy your sex dolls, we will tell you the cost and put them together with your doll package.


At last, please be sure to treat your beloved doll carefully and gently:) If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will answer you.

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