Doll EVO Skeletons

Doll EVO Skeletons
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Doll EVO Skeletons

How about doll skeleton

Doll skeleton is very important for good dolls, most of fans want her can stand, but not stiff still. More and more enthusiast wants to know what kind of doll skeleton we used.

Here we upload them to yours, and aslso we will introduce the skeleton status. 

Have a see here!
In fact, to all dolls who can't walk alone, all of skeleton has no high technology, we can make all kind of skeletons as you want. Also it is very easy to buy any kind of skeletons.
People might think all factories have different skeletons, but there is no big difference on pose. 

We will keep the right of explanation for using the metal skeleton. All is for best experience for customers.  



Newest gear-hinged skeleton is applied to our dolls´╝î Click here to have a look